What are OpenTable Diners' Choice lists?

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OpenTable Diners' Choice lists are the best local restaurants as determined by thousands of local diners. Here's how it works:


1. Make A Reservation: Book your table online, and then dine at one of the 31,000+ restaurants available on the OpenTable network.


2. Tell Us About It: After you dine at the restaurant, we'll email you a link to our Dining Feedback Form where you can rate your experience.


3. We Compile Feedback: Your reservations are used to create the OpenTable Diners' Choice lists. With thousands of forms submitted each day, lists are refreshed frequently to bring you the most up-to-date rankings.


Our Diners' Choice lists are unique because they're based off of qualified, "seated" reservations that are constantly being updated with fresh feedback. The large volume of responses we receive ensures that our ratings and lists are not skewed by extremes.