How Gift Cards Work

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To Give a Gift


  1. Visit, and choose whether you'd like to preselect the restaurant or allow your recipient to pick their gift.

  2. If you choose to preselect the restaurant, follow the onscreen options to choose your city, and then the restaurant that you'd like to gift. You can narrow your search by neighborhood, price, cuisine, and style.

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    If there's a specific restaurant that you've booked on OpenTable, but can't find them on the OpenTable Gifts search, it's likely that they do not participate in the gift card program. (OpenTable Gifts are only available in select cities, and not every restaurant on the network participates in the OpenTable Gifts program.)

  3. Click the red choose button next to the name of the restaurant you would like to Gift

  4. Fill out the fields onscreen, and choose a template for your gift card. You can choose to email the recipient or print the Gift yourself. Once all fields are completed click continue.

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  5. Enter your credit card information on the payment details page, and then click "Purchase Your Gift." Your gift card will be emailed to the recipient, or you'll be able to print, immediately. You'll also receive the receipt in your inbox.

Gift cards can be purchased using a Visa, MasterCard, or an American Express card. We also accept payment via PayPal from verified PayPal users.


Check out this video for more information.



Gift Card Issues:


How can I contact OpenTable about my gift card?

  • If you have a specific issue that requires personal attention from our customer support team, please submit an email ticket to our support team. 


I lost the email with my gift card number. What can I do?


I've accidentally sent my gift card to the wrong email address. What should I do?

  • If you've accidentally sent the gift card to the wrong email address, please submit an email ticket to our support team. When contacting support, please have the number of the OpenTable gift card available along with other identification information.