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What are OpenTable Ratings & Reviews?


  • Ratings and reviews are diner generated content intended to help those visiting OpenTable to find the restaurants that best fit their needs and dining occasion. All ratings and reviews are subject to our review posting guidelines. You can find ratings and reviews for a particular restaurant by visiting the 'Ratings & Reviews' tab on their profile page.


How are OpenTable Ratings & Reviews different from other websites' user reviews?

  • First and foremost, only diners who have booked and honored a reservation through OpenTable are able to submit ratings and reviews. This guarantees that the person submitting the restaurant feedback has in fact recently dined at the restaurant being reviewed.

Does OpenTable publish negative ratings and reviews on the website?

  • For restaurants participating in Opentable's Ratings and Reviews program, we will publish any reviews received that meet our Community Standards regardless of whether they describe a positive or negative dining experience. 

How to Submit Ratings and Reviews:


  • After dining, you must complete the Dining Feedback Form you will receive via the email address you provided when making your reservation. Alternatively, registered users can also access the Dining Feedback Form for an honored reservation on the Reservation History tab of their User Profile.


  • Please note that diners honoring OpenTable reservations at restaurants that are not accepting ratings and reviews may still receive Dining Feedback Forms which are used to provide anonymous feedback to our restaurant partners as well as to generate the OpenTable Diners' Choice lists on our website. It may take a few days after submission for your ratings and reviews to be published on the website.


Community Standards for Ratings & Reviews

The presence of diner-generated reviews on OpenTable.com is intended to benefit both the diners who use our service as well as our restaurant partners. For diners, our goal is to help you decide where to dine and to give you the opportunity to help others in the decision-making process. For restaurateurs, we aim to provide you with useful feedback and help you attract more guests to your restaurant by offering potential diners the additional perspectives they may need to make a decision.


The following standards help us maintain the high quality of reviews on our website and guide any decisions regarding the appropriateness of individual submissions. Reviews - whether positive or negative - that meet the standards described below will be published for participating restaurants. We encourage the OpenTable community to consider these guidelines when submitting reviews as well as when reporting any unwelcome activity.


Reviews should be authentic.

Our Dining Feedback program is designed to limit participation to only those who actually dined at the restaurant, as indicated by the status of their OpenTable reservation. Reviews should be given freely for the benefit of the OpenTable community and never in exchange for special treatment or personal gain. OpenTable will not edit the text of reviews published on our website.


Reviews should be helpful.

The best reviews include not only how you felt about the restaurant but also why. 


Reviews should be relevant.

the best reviews are focused on relevant topics like food quality, ambiance and service provided. Because reviews can quickly become outdated, we also note the reservation date with each review and expire older reviews.


Reviews should be appropriate.

Reviews that are offensive, obscene, or malicious or that reference illegal activity or conditions will be removed. Out of respect for the privacy of those who work in the restaurant, names or other identifying characteristics should be avoided. (The Dining Feedback Form includes a field for adding a confidential note to the restaurant. Use this private space to sing the praises of specific staff members or share feedback that is unique to your particular experience.)


Here is an example of a helpful review: 

"I love the relaxed feel of this place - dark, small and cozy - like a comfortable living room. I definitely would return to try more dishes. The potato-leek soup was amazing and the Bibb lettuce salad was refreshing. The table was split on the monkfish wrapped with bacon - one person thought was great, but the other thought the tastes didn't quite mesh. Everyone loved the flat iron steak. Service was well-timed and friendly, wines were affordable."


For more information on the terms of the OpenTable ratings and reviews program, please see our Terms of Use.


Unless review writers choose to identify themselves, comments are anonymous and identified on the site as "by an OpenTable.com user" in association with the dining date. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information. 


OpenTable reserves the right to determine what content conforms to our posted guidelines, and we have the right but not the obligation to review content for compliance.



Updating Ratings & Reviews:


1. Sign in to OpenTable.com


2. Select 'Restaurants to review' from the drop down list next to your name:



Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.20.06 AM.png


 3. Select 'Edit Review' underneath the appropriate reservation:


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.19.33 AM.png



How can I see if a rating & review has been revised on OpenTable?

Across OpenTable there will be a “dined on” date, which is the date the diner actually ate at a restaurant. Then, if the review has been updated there will also be an “updated on” date, which reflects when the original review was updated.



How can I remove a review I have submitted to OpenTable?

Only registered users of OpenTable can request their own submitted review to be removed. If you wish to do so, please send an email to reviews@opentable.com with the text of the review and the email address associated with your OpenTable account. OpenTable does not delete the original Feedback Form contents from your private user profile.


Why didn't the review I submitted appear on OpenTable.com?

In order for your ratings and review to appear on OpenTable, the following criteria must be met:


  1. The review must pass our standards and guidelines for publication
  2. The restaurant must be participating in our ratings and reviews program

If your review meets both criteria above, but is not published on OpenTable, it may be in the queue for compliance review. Please be patient as it may take a few days after you submit your Dining Feedback Form for reviews to be published.