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Did not receive my dining reward




I received an email saying I had 100 points. When I created an account it says my account balance is 0. Can I get those points added to my account?

Hello @dianemaldonado,


We are only able to award Dining Rewards Points for reservations that were honored after the account was fully registered, as that is when you accept the Terms of Service to participate in the Dining Rewards Program. As such our hands are sadly tied and I am not able to retroactively grant you points for past reservations, I am sorry.


Manfred F. | Community Moderator | OpenTable



Over 2 hours ago I submitted a request to redeem 2000 points for a gift card and was told that I would receive an email within the next hour, yet I have yet to receive any emails.



Hi meganyung,


Thanks for contacting us. We have resent your reward email to your email address on file. Hope you have a great weekend, take care. 




John W. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

Please resend my $20 gift reward.  I never got the email.



Hi Sandy,


We have resent the reward email to your email address on file. If you don't see it in your main inbox, please check your spam folder. Have a great day, take care. 



Best Regards,

John W. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

At some point, I recall getting notification about being eligible for a $20 dining reward upon meeting my 2,000 points. However, there is now no record of that in my account nor my email. I have not used or received the $20 dining reward, and my points have now reset. Please advise. Thank you. 


Hello socalpal,


Thank you for contacting us. We're more than happy to assist! Please send me a private message and provide the email address associated with your OpenTable account so we can look into this for you.  To send a private message click on my name (the one highlighted in blue) and then on the "send this user a private message" button.


Jonathan B. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

I requested mine on 3/27/2017 and have not gotten an email. Can you please resend?

Hi @avmister,

Thank you for reaching out!  Congratulations, we love to reward our diners for choosing OpenTable for their dining experiences!  I have gone ahead and resent your dining rewards gift card.  You should be able to see this email shortly.  If you do not receive that email, for security purposes, please send me a private message with your phone number as well as the primary dining location on your account and I can send you the direct link.

Tanner W. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

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