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Gift Cards are worthless


I was given an OpenTable gift card. I made an OpenTable reservation at a restaurant near me.



However, I cannot use my OpenTable Gift Certificate at the restaurant where I made my OpenTable Reservation.


And there is not an OpenTable listed restaurant that accepts the Open Table Gift Certificate within 15 miles of my home.


Despite the fact that the restaurant makes a big deal about being "POWERED BY OPEN TABLE," there is not mention ANY WHERE on their site that they do not accept OpenTable Gift Cards.


This is ridiculous. And a perfect example of a bad implementation of a Gift Card program.  It's also why I will NEVER buy someone an OpenTable Gift Certificate.  

Hello @Baron,


While we already have over 4,000 restaurants in the US that accept the OpenTable Gift Cards and are adding more every day, we unfortunately are not able to add them as fast as we originally intended.


If you have a specific request for a restaurant you'd like us to contact please let us know! 



Manfred F. | Community Moderator | OpenTable


I agree with others' comments about the poor new rewards program.  The old paper checks worked fine and could be used with any Open Table reservation.

I have a new reward but have been unable to use it although we have eaten at restaurants in our area that use Open Table.

With the new program, all Open Table offers is a reservation convenience.  There is no longer any real value to the program.


Hello @FrequentDiner,


We are currently working on an improved redemption method that not only will make it easier and more convenient to use your points but also greatly improve what they can be used for. Be assured, we've received all the feedback and will steadily improve.


With how many restaurants started experiencing issues accepting the Dining Cheques, with them being lost in transition or by the diner and expiring after 180 days we simply needed to move to a new system. With the changes we have planned for the coming months I'm sure we will be able to bring the full value of the program back.


Should you need any assistance in the mean time please let me know, and I hope you have a great start into 2017!

Manfred F. | Community Moderator | OpenTable


It would be really simple to indicate on the LISTINGS of restaurants whether they accept giftcards or not. This would incentivize restaurants to get on board with the program.

Having to search a separate database of restaurants that do accept the cards is just time consuming and irritating

Hi Baron,


Thanks for taking the time to share these comments. We have shared your feedback with our development team. We are always working on ways to improve and appreciate receiving input from our diners. Hope the rest of your day goes well, take care. 



Best Regards,

John W. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

Have received a $250 Gift Card and can't use it.  Was going to buy a gift card for each of my six grown kids, but decided it wasnt worth the hassel for them. Gave them cash instead, although I would have liked to treat them to a dinner out.


Are you reall workinh to correct this.  Wouldn't recoomend Open Table to anyone right now.

Hi Tallsweet,


Thanks for reaching out. The gift card program is growing and more restaurants will be joining in as time progresses. At this time gift cards can be used at any of the restaurants on the website linked below. We value your comments and thank you for taking the time to share feedback with us.



Best Regards,

John W. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

Easy fix would be that if a restaurant participates you could apply your available balance to that visit.....

Hello @Bonnie65,


While we are not able to announce any upcoming features until we are ready to release them I can assure you we're permanently working on improving the Dining Rewards Gift program.


Hopefully we will be able to show you an update soon, making it significantly easier to handle the Dining Rewards Gifts!



Manfred F. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

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