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I am upset.  I assumed you could redeem points at the same restaurants where you earn them.  What a shock that I have over 100 dines and now cant find a local restaurant I like.  I wanted to go to Maggianos in Costa Mesa.  I have an open table reservation there already.  But after I got thru the redemption process and waste time, I find there are only 2 restaurants in Costa Mesa that accept your card.  In Irvine, a large city which is the business center of Orange County, has 6 restaurants.  I assume, maybe I am jumping to conclusions, that you dont actuall pay the restaurant the full value of the gift/credit.  If you did, why would most restaurants that provide dining points not allow you to redeem them.  THERE SHOULD BE A BIG WARNING IN CAPS THAT YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO REDEEM YOUR POINTS AT THE RESTAURANT WHERE YOU EARNED THEM.  Your rep said I could get an amazon gift card but did not poiint out its for 50 cents on the dollar.  Yes, I am accusing you of an unethical business practice.

Hi cardplayer,


Thank you for reaching out to us! While we would like to insist that every restaurant participates in the new Dining Rewards Program immediately, it is a process that truly takes time. There are tens of thousands of restaurants using different POS-systems (point of sale) and many of them already using multiple gift card systems. Be assured, we are working with restaurants every day to bring you more choices to enjoy. Keep an eye on the list as it will continue to grow. In the meantime, you can hold onto your points for a future redemption, try a new restaurant or even use your points towards an Amazon Gift Card if you'd like.


Yvonne B. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

i dont "accept as solution"  I was on the phone with a "supervisor" for a very long time who also gave excuses.  You should label EVERYWHERE warning people that there are limited redemtion options and that MOST restaurants do not participate.  You are not treating your customers fairly by offering only 50% of the value in an AMAZON gift card.  You can go to Costco and buy a $100 gift card for many restaurants for just $80 or $90.  At Christmas almost every restaurant offers promos for gift cards and Open Table cant get a better deal?  I want to redeem where I dine.  Its seems fair.

I agree, this is total BS! I have been faithfully & loyally acruaing points and posting reviews and now that I want to redeem a $50 dining award certificate, the restaurant that I booked on open table is not available to redeem it? I'm not an attorney, but if there are any out there who would be interested in bringing a class action suit against this ridiculous proposition should contact me! 

I wont go so far as to say this is unethical, but I will say that I am disappointed. I have been an Opentable member for quite a while and unde the old program redeemed several hundreds of dollars in gift certificates through the program. Have been saving points for a $200 one and now see that the program has changed. The old certificates were redeemable at ANY opentable restaurant. Too bad....


As a long-time, loyal Open Table customer I too was very surprised and disappointed when I found how very limited my reward redemption options were after enjoying many years of using the reward certificates at any participating Open Table restaurant. Plus I don't like how you have to commit to the location--no going back once you redeem it. Of the 30+ restauarnts to choose from for reservations, there were only 4 choices for my gift certificate, and NONE of them are places I frequent even though I book many different places. The Amazon gift certificate at half the value is a poor consolation prize for the switch.


This change should have been communicated to members when the change happened. I feel less inclined to use Open Table now, and will just call the restaurants not participating in the rewards redemption to book a table. If they give points for booking, they should participate in the rewards; it is misleading that they don't, and unfair to the restauarnts that do honor the certificates.

Hello @emmie,


I have already replied to your other post in these regards. If you have any further questions please let me know there!


Thank you in advance,

Manfred F. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

I agree that Open Table's policy of limiting the use of its gift cards and dining rewards to a very few restaurants is of questionable ethics. At a minimum such restrictions should be very clear to the purchaser of the gift cards. I am a long time, faithful and, until recently, very satisfied Open Table user. I have purchased several Open Table gift cards as thank yous and gifts. I suffered the restriction of restaurants on the redemption of a recent dining rewards certificate but I did not even imagine that such a restriction would apply to a gift card purchased with real dollars. I recently was the recipient of a gift card and made an Open Table reservation at one of my favorite restaurants in the Jackson Hole, WY area where I was vacationing. Just before heading to the restaurant I went to activate my gift card only to find that no restaurant in the Jackson Hole area "qualified." I will do the person who gave me the gift the courtesy of thanking them for the thought but informing them of the restriction. I am now embarassed that I have given such restricted gifts and wish those who received the gifts would have informed me of the restriction. I am currently rethinking my association with Open Table.


Hello RobertW1,


I wholeheartedly understand the frustration. While we already offer over 5,000 restaurants in the United States that accept our gift cards and are adding more every day, there are always some areas that are less populated than others. Wyoming is, at the current time, one of these areas.


You can review our current list of restaurants simply by visiting - this will allow you to see all 5,000 restaurants we offer at this time.


If there is anything I can assist you with at the current time, please let me know and I will do my best.


In regards to the Dining Rewards Gifts, I can assure you we are currently working on implementing a solution to this problem. While we are not able to reveal more detailed information just yet I can assure you, the change will greatly improve the system overall.



Manfred F. | Community Moderator | OpenTable

Aloha Manfred,

I recently earned my first Dining Rewards gift certificate and found out you don't even have a restaurant that I can use it in the in my state of HAWAII!!!!


I saw your comment about not having participating restaurants in unpopulated areas but I live in Honolulu with a population of over 1,000,000!


I earned the gift certificate utilizing Open table at many Honolulu restaurants and now the gift certificate is useless. I don't think an Amazon gift certicate at 50% of the Open Table gift certificate value is fair if you don't have any participating restaurants within 2500 miles of where I earned it.


Please contact me to address this problem.



Leslie Tokunaga

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