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When Restaurants Google You, Is It Creepy – or Cool?


Most seasoned diners know that a refined restaurant experience is much more than just the act of serving you good food on a plate. It’s a hospitality business in every sense. The passionate restaurateur yearns for their customers to have a wonderful experience — not just so you’ll come back and tell your friends about it — but because, quite frankly, it’s part of their DNA. Chefs, in particular, crave approval and desperately want to make you happy. It’s a big part of why they went into this trying business. (It certainly wasn’t for the money.) Running a restaurant is about as hard a job as it gets.


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Seven Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Next Culinary Trip


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American Craft Beer Week kicks off today, and we’re thirsty for some quality draught craft brews. Here are five top brewery restaurants waiting to serve you delicious food that pairs perfectly with a pint this week. Take a tour, reserve a table, and raise a glass.


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You’re invited to treat Mom to a meal on us this Mother’s Day!


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Share photos of your Mom’s favorite food with @opentable on Facebook*, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #MomsFaveMeal. We welcome you to share foods that remind you of your mom, her favorite restaurant, dining experience, or culinary creation, also. Be sure to follow @opentable so we can contact you directly if you win.


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